The Green Bus & Us

There’s Something about A Place

There is something about a place that draws us in. Whether the way the rocks and the trees seem to intertwine with each other, or the beauty of water in a babbling brook, or overlooking just a tiny portion of the vastness of the ocean. There’s something about a place. It’s like it’s writing a

Is It Really Tuesday?

Once this was just a  dream, a passion for the outdoors. Wanderlust pulsed through our veins. Wondering, fearing, dreaming about what’s out there. Dirt trails, campfires, and some mythic sense of freedom. Once, that dream was just a moment of “this could be a thing”, the rest was history. We were hooked. Research, Craigslist, Youtube

Each Day

Previously written in September- somewhere in Canada   Each day we are alive becomes a story for tomorrow. No matter what happens in the day you are writing a story with how you spend your time. Whether it’s a difficult conversation at work, an afternoon adventure, an evening at the park, or a bonfire with


A few months ago, we met a fellow bus-lifer at an art show. Steve was a tall, lanky character. I say “character” because I think he might have walked right out of a cartoon. His bus was white with bright blue rims. He attached a toy shark and a ship to the hood of it.

Our People

As we said goodbye to couple of our closest friends and family a few months ago, we were reminded of the importance of the people we surround ourselves with. We are not silos, but more like a bundle of grapes- all connected, making each other sweeter. Shelby and I, from day one of our relationship,

Life Update!

Well, we have officially been on the road for almost 3 months and it has already been quite the adventure. July and August were filled with soaking up Michigan, with great art shows all over the coast, amazing hikes, and some beautiful weddings with dear friends. It was a great way to finish out the

Celebrate Discomfort

A couple months ago I saw a picture of a guy on top of a mountain with a beard full of icicles and wind burnt skin with a caption that said celebrate discomfort. I thought that was pretty profound. A little over a month and a half into this little adventure of ours and we

Life to the Full

 Our life is “on full” right now. It’s that feeling when you have a tank of gas and the open road, or when you’ve just finished some carnitas tacos and your stomach feels full to the brim. It’s not that we have this “completeness” feeling (I don’t think anyone arrives there) or like life is

From This To This

What a journey it’s been already. Lots of late nights, frustrating moments, research,and a crap-ton of YouTube videos–but we are nearing move-in day and our little home is just about ready for us.   The bus conversion has been exciting and thrilling as well as exhausting and difficult. We’ve spent hours having a million conversations