The Green Bus & Us

Finding Your Path

Mulling over trail maps, reading reviews and talking with visitor center rangers has filled lots of our time. Trying to get to the most beautiful places in the country has been a big motivation for this trip. This is truly an amazing planet we live on, and it feels like a shame to not go

Travel Journals

Quiet nights beside a cackling fire, warming the air, as we sit in our only moment of silence as Daisy falls asleep in the bus behind us. These times though fewer and fewer as we get into the cold, wet Pacific Northwest are so important to us. These are the moments that we often talk

When it Rains, It Pours

“When it rains it pours” is a phrase repeated surrounding tough days, but last week just felt like a wave camp collapsing down right on top of us. Rough nights of sleep are never a great start, but a week of it is just pure torture. No one thinks clearly after that. But then like

The Deep Blue

Cool, wet fog rests a top the deep blue. The sea always moving, wrapping around each rock that stands firm in the water below. Cliffs weave themselves all along this broken and beautiful coastline. The constant rushing sound of waves bouncing off the rocks- people pay to hear this. The sun peaks out from the

Life Update!! 3-17-18

Its been a minute since we last updated so for those interested, here it is. We have been hanging out in Southern California a little longer than expected. I don’t know if it is the sunshine, the endless waves, the great people, or just the vibe, but it seems we have been sucked into this

Chasing After Something

As the bus comes gurgling over some rocky desert mountain passes, we begin to near the California coast- the epicenter for nomads, travelers, and van lifers. If there was a twenty something pilgrimage, then I think the west coast would be Mecca. The sun is always shining, the waves always crashing, and the vibes ever so alive. But

Phoenix and the Fellas

We pull off onto a dirt road in the middle of no where looking for some quiet for the evening. We find a nice spot sitting on top of a hill, where we can just see desert for miles. Shortly after we set up camp, an old 80s suburban with the rounded back comes clunking

Learning to Receive

This journey has been filled with being in unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable places. Cold nights, bugs, weird neighbors and sometimes even unforeseen dangerous locations. But one of our goals as we embarked into this unfamiliarity was that we wanted to press into those moments. We wanted to challenge ourselves to embrace the uncomfortable and to

The Ebb and Flow

   About to pull off the highway  into our campground after a long day of driving in Southern Georgia, Daisy is totally done with being in her carseat, and I’ve already began to prepare my tastebuds for dinner soon. As we are slowing down, I feel the brake pedal not compressing like normal and we are