Meet Shelby

About Me

I am a freelance artist, working mostly with acrylic paint, and watercolor. I have always had a passion for artwork and creativity. My grandma is an artist and has been teaching me ever since I could pick up a brush. I work with bright colors, to really bring life to my pieces.

My husband and I and our sweet daughter daisy decided to live into one of our dreams this year which was purchasing and renovating a short school bus into a livable tiny home. Our heart behind this is to take on the road to experience life, fully immersed in other cultures, exploring beautiful hidden places, and to share my artwork along the way! We are excited to see how the Lord really challenges and changes us. My favorite thing about my job is that I get to look at the world and feature the beauty in a unique way. I get to bring an idea to life and to share bit of joy with others.